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As we move forward to the New Year 2017, we observe that each clause of time brings latest change in audience.

Likewise, every passing year is bringing innovations in technical world; technology is increasing its uniqueness and power. Website designing as a greatest part of a computing world had also upgraded it trends with moving time.

Here we show you the latest trend of DesignCtrl for 2017:-

Build Structure – Layout that fit to your Content

Layout is a platform to place your content, it sustain the load of entire website. So, try to use your space in an effective way that builds flow of elements for user eye.

Miss management of website element and content is a major lack in website design; it can be result for disturbance of user attention.

First choose the focused points of your content that will apply on the home display of website. These points offer the idea to your mind that how your website will structure with this content. Try to fit each word in a flow of your brand message.

Use Matching Elements – Symbols that describe your Words

Content itself is a unique part of website, but don’t let your design boring to the audience. Eyes attract symbols more than listening and reading the complete content. So, make your words unique! Use symbols, Pictures, Vector and any element which can increase the beauty of your word and fix to its place.

Improve Development – Collaboration B/W Designer’s & Developer’s

It’s better to collaborate with your fellow designer’s and developers. Designer shape the developer’s effort, so this collaboration brings in a result of a lot improvements in our website. Developer provides certain edge before which it is impossible to make an efficient design of any application.

This year make an open communication with your developers, it will bring an effective change in your design.

Responsiveness – Flexible to fit in all screens

Responsiveness now becomes a major of designs, because technology is become so vast that a large set up of computational world had fix into a small device devices. Your design should be able to provide responsive display in all screens. Each part of website or any mobile application design should bring a flexible display on the screen.

Contrast – Choice the contrast of your brand

There is a bundle of beautiful colors in a world, but for the designing purpose the theme of brand can be a better color contrast for a website. Using a brand color theme in website will increase the reputation of the brand by building the identity.

Color defines the brand, some time the brands use the color of their logo to perform all their packaging and other correspondence work. This color became a part of company identity in market. So, by using the color theme of a brand will helpful to build the reputation of the brand.


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