Logo Design

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Logo is the strong identity of business that gives unique status among the competitors in market. Strong business has a strong identity, this is the reason for which logo designing has become the most important task for building successful business. Before start designing the logo be aware of following instructions.

(a) Logo should be simple and stylish.

(b) It should have a touch of business theme.

(c) How it will appear on product.

(d) Is it memorable for audience or not.

(e) Which type fit to your brand (Text, Image, and Symbol).

Logo has different 5 basic styles that are used as branding require. It is a complete package of branding which will be the 1st thing that appears to your client’s eyes. Here we will introduce you these styles which guide you in your branding plan.

Word Mark (Text)

(a)       These are completely based on text form, its spell the company name in stylish text. In this style of logo major particulars of designing is to give proper alignment of text, use stylish fonts which produce pleasant effect to eyes, font size and alphabetic case. Mostly 37% of brand considers word mark logo.  Word mark works best if the brand name is unique, strong and small. It is beneficial to make brand memorable.


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Letter Mark (Initials)

(b)       Letter mark logo is based on the initial letters of brand name rather than highlighting full name. It comprises the name of brand mostly it is very helpful for the brands that have a long complex names, which are difficult to remember and pronounce.  In this fast world where the people too busy in their life they always search a short ways to make their life easy. So, they will more likely to pronounce letter mark instead of pronouncing the whole name. For Example: KFC is famous by initials of its brand name instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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Brand Mark (Symbol)

(c)        Brand marks are the symbolic logos. It’s based on a single image showing your brand identity, this image is not any image you can use for the branding purpose. It is mandatory to focus that the symbol is matching to the business strategies. It could be branding theme, branding mission / vision and graphics that approach to your brand idea.


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Combination Mark (Text and Symbol)

(d)       Combination mark is the strongest style of logo. It is the combination of word mark (text) and brand mark (symbol), its spell out the name of brand and associates it with a visual symbol. Combination mark takes more time rather than other styles of logo to design effectively, because it designs into two parts text and symbol. This style of logo make easier to recognize brand among the crowd of 100 brands.


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Emblem (Text inside Symbol)

(e)       Similar to the combination mark the combination of text and symbol but in a different way. Emblem aligns the text inside the symbol so that two are practically inseparable.  This style tends the look of badge or seal, which are mostly used in education institution and government organization and other can use by their choice if the picture containing the attractive effect.


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Deciding the style of logo is the 1st step to build the visual identity of brand, once you have done with decision of logo style, it makes branding activities easier for present and future. Remember your identity is your business.