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Power of Ctrl+Z

How wonderful it would be if you could undo or change any of your mistake of? Wouldn’t it be very satisfying if you know you can take back any slip of your tongue or take back any decision or choice that turned out to be bad?

Even though there is no such option in life, there are many areas where a mistake made can be corrected immediately or later when realized. However, wouldn’t it be just fantastic if we could hold on to the wisdom our mistakes taught us and let go the guilt that comes with it.

None of us like to make mistakes or turn out to be wrong but a lot of times mistakes are unavoidable .These are the times only when you come to know what is right and what works. Hence, making some mistakes can be very useful.

However, the modern technology has so deeply been incorporated in most aspects of our personal and professional life but still every new innovation seems to give mankind more power. Moreover, the area in which technology is only progressing is website designing. The new trends and innovation in the practices and tools are moving forward with it.


For obvious reasons the industry of website designing is changing rapidly, what worked yesterday may not work today. Hence, the power of “Ctrl + Z” might just be the ultimate tool to maintain and sustain effectiveness of your website design.

Throughout the development or the entire time your website is functional, every now and then you have to go back to your website design and development and check what website elements are still working or not. You need to understand and analyze if any elements of your website have gone obsolete or there are any new trendy web elements that you can incorporate in your website to make it more meaningful.

The other time when power of “Ctrl + Z” hits you hard when one is in the process of building or designing their website for the first time. One faces too many options when they enter the market to build their website and hence it can become hard to make effective decisions about what elements or what color scheme, what images and content is going to end up as your complete website. What seem good before may not look good once your website is online.

Hence, listen to experts, who understand designs and websites to help you put together your stunning website that meets your vision and you can always go back to change something or entirely replace some graphic with something latest trends.

So use the power of “Ctrl + Z” in a way that helps you grow and don’t compromise with your website design. However, as they say every action has a consequence, make sure that the consequences of your actions move you forward.