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Motion is an important consideration in art, almost every aspect of life involves motion which creates attention in observer’s eyes. Illusion of motion with graphics is part of our website, mobile applications, video games, cartoons and etc. It produces the animation with visuals of platform that gives pleasant effect to eyes and gives professional touch to design.

Commonly Animated Elements of  Website

There are some elements of websites that are mostly animated to grow user attention and give them brand information bit by bit with change effect.  Animation is a user display that is why the elements which are essential part of branding to show user are mostly placed on front of home page to take a greater display than all other content. Here I am discussing some commonly used elements for animation which are as follow:-

(a) Slider.  Slider is a part of website that contains the big picture of branding to represent brand image with authentication, good words and branding tag. It have more than one picture on display which is changing one by one after a little cause of time by creative movement, a part from animation.

(b) Scroller. Scroller is another slider with fix authentications, It can be vertical or horizontal moving continuously with specific time that has been instructed by you. Brand pictures, events, packages and the things you want to be more close to observer.

(c) Message Box. Message box is a beep for user to intimate the status of action performs in application. It is a part of scripting in website language but also a part from animation which is most commonly used in every website for      user comfort.

(d) Buttons. Changing in buttons behavior with respect to their current status as button is before clicking and after.

(e) Pictures/Icons. Change in picture size and moving icons are placed   to decorate application.  This action can be perform with hover effect or for grater movement by flash and jquery.

(f) Videos. Little animated video showing the performance of brand will increase the taste in website. This action aren’t used commonly but a part of website animation which has been observed in few websites to enhance       creativity in design.

Although the above mentioned elements are applicable for all websites but it is an optional to you as per the requirement of application. The more you enhance motion in platform the more observers you got.