Web Designs

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Designers evaluate their designs to check the quality of their work. Evaluation is the most important part of website and software development, because it tells the accessibility of website to worldwide. To evaluate a website it need a criteria by which the quality of website checked. These criteria are taken loosely from the judging criteria at World Best Websites which has a five-star points system for determining the “best” sites on the Web.


It is important that website should accessible worldwide easily. It does not take long time to upload web page. When the evaluation process is started the first thing to evaluate is to check the accessibility of website that in how much time website is loading on internet. Evaluate by opening website in different browser to check how it display on different browser. When making a Web site, follow the guidelines of the Web Accessibility Initiative. A good way to verify that your website is very accessible is to use a tool such as the free HTML validation service from the World Wide Web Consortium at


The design of a website is a very important element to consider when judging overall quality. Good websites have a design that is visually appealing, readable, easy to navigate, and reinforces the purpose of the site while giving it a unified look and feel. The Web Style Guideis an excellent resource for the basics of website, Web page, and Web graphic design.


Use the Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Information listed above accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage.

Technical Aspects and Interactivity

You can judge a site on how the technologies used add to (or detract from) the purpose of the site. The site should use new technologies and the multimedia nature of the Web to allow user interactivity and make the experience different from reading a book, listening to the radio or watching a TV show.  Message and bulletin boards, surveys, videos, games, online tests, audio selections, chat rooms, broadcasting, and search technologies are just a few of the ways technology can be used to make a website more interactive.


Creative and original websites can be more fun to use because of their novelty and ingenuity. A good website is distinguishable from other websites, and should give you something that you can’t find elsewhere. It should be distinct and memorable and give a good over-all impression.