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Before the digital media introduce in the world people were attached with a very few resources of communication and marketing. However they face a delay of time in their business correspondence and to reach at consumer’s destination for introducing their business. In early times, the load of heavy books as business diary, adds in news paper and magazines, announcement in radio FM and television was the sources of marketing to approach at consumer’s destination.

Introduction to Digital Media

Digital media is the digitized form of a content, which is transmitted over internet and computer networks that have a fastest approach to all over the world. This content includes text, video, audio and graphics, everything in a digital format. Digital media has being growing its value among the peoples as the use of internet is increasing day by day. People are friendly user of internet to increase their knowledge, now they don’t search a market for a product and any service, they just type a few words in search engine which provide them many options of their choice

Digitized Contents

Digitized content is the content that converts into digital format, in this format the content is organized into small units of data called bits. A single unit of data is called bit and multiple unit organize in group is known as bytes. This digitized form of data preserve less space, it compressed the information into smallest particles that can easily store in any data storage device and used for many activities.

  • An image can easily digitized by scanning an image and convert it into a JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF format.
  • Text can change into PDF form to store in computers and used in   websites brochure. Companies share their cooperative profile on internet in PDF format, and many other business correspondence take place in digitized text format because it is easy to share worldwide.
  • Audio and video always store in compressed form to reduce file size, digital video have a fastest speed to reach at audience eyes worldwide. As digital format of MP4 videos can easily move from any device, H264 maintain the high quality of content.
  • Graphical content representation are mostly use for branding exercises of company, digital graphical content give pleasant effect to eyes and have a fastest approach at all over the world to market product.

Use of Digital Media in Business

Digital media is playing an important role in building business reputation all over the world. Internet has been commonly participating in human life which is increasing the role of digital media from all aspect. Companies market them self by introducing their services on websites, add posting, blogs, videos, articles and graphical representation. All business correspondence now become in digitized format, heavy files of proposals, dealing, and quotations now can easily send by email and other sharing software’s which reduce the delay of postage service. Online shopping websites are providing home shopping opportunity to audience which save time and deliver order that comfort customer with physical movement.

Digital media increasing its destination among audience, it has a fastest approach at all over world. It will grow stronger image by new innovations and techniques in the field of information and technology.