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Design is the combination of problems, rare situations that attracts designer’s attention towards it. It shows the feeling of designer’s mind and a message to audience for understanding that feeling from his / her views. Designer’s eyes found every picture of world as a creative design either the other people can just see it as a part of beautiful world.

Design is everywhere

Design is more than a picture, it’s a model of building, it is the identity of your brand, design is your sales, design is your marketing, it is the sketch of a personality or a sketch for finding crime, design is everywhere you look around. It’s from the little picture in school drawing book up to the online banking software design.  When we start planning something first a little picture designs in our mind, which put into a specific platform and named as a design. It is an interesting philosophy which sometime may shows the problem and sometime the solution of the problematic situation.

A Good Design

A good design explains itself and communicates solely by viewer to define the story behind map, any user manual is unnecessary to define its theory. This design is based on deep observation of designer, and the innovative graphical objects that relate to the story of designers mind.

Everyone is a designer but shouldn’t create a creative design

Although everyone is a designer for specific work, As we can solve our problems..!  But creativity lay only in art designer’s mind. Art is a picture defining the problem in graphics, its can be colorful or colorless sketch. Designing has a sub fields to which designers are bond. Every designer has specialty in art of the field he/she design.

Designer is an agent

Designer is a person who structure properties of design in a specific pattern that describe design theory. The art of designer is to put that specific properties in way that make it creative object for audience.

Designer Perspective

Designer has a different perspective of thinking in any situation rather than ordinary person, designer had a unique ability to interpret reality and look at the same problem in a different way. Designers go to the depth of problem and apply creativity by moving things, making them different with their current status and join the dots to relate them to make the solution.

Design and designer’s is not enough to define, it’s a vast topic which has a tree of branches, and different designs lie on it. We will bring new topics time by time to explain the theory of design.